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Come explore wild places and stunning scenery with me as I discover new and exciting eco-adventures and learn about the rare and unique wildlife and environments that make Florida so precious and extraordinary. I hope you can vicariously enjoy the wild and untamed beauty of Florida through my eyes, and learn some amazing things about Florida wildlife, history, and beautiful places to travel on our explorations.

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Fly Like a Kite

Learn about Florida’s fascinating falcon flyers, the Swallow-tailed Kite.

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About the Author

Hello nature lovers! I’m Lorien Villucci, a wildlife educator, Florida Master Naturalist, nature writer and photographer, busy homeschooling mama of three kiddos, a playful Havanese dog, two very chubby guinea pigs, and a giant tree frog. I have a passion for all things nature and I adore living in Southwest Florida. I will always be a California girl, but from the moment I set foot in Florida, its wild beauty stole my heart. For the past 23 years, I have been fortunate to have some very unique and special experiences caring for many different species of animals and educating the public about wildlife and the environment. My hope is that those I endeavor to educate will better understand their connection with the natural world and our shared responsibility to protect Florida’s wild and priceless beauty.

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